QH-01 Vacuum Food Sealer

Series: Household Vacuum Sealer
Spec: 360*54*50mm
Material: ABS
Color: Orange, White, Green, Blue
Brand: XinBaoLong
Model: QH-01
Certificate: CE, EMC, RoHS, LVD
Sealing Continuing: more than 50 times

Classic Model Small and Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine

for Food Packing Vacuum with 15pcs Sealer Bag Embossed

Model No.   


Main Functions

   Vacuum Seal /

    Manual Seal

Vacuum Degree


Vacuum Capacity

   3L / Min

Working Voltage



Rated Power   


Sealing Bag Width

   Max 30cm

Single Seal Time   

   5 seconds


   CE, EMC,

   RoHS, LVD

Heating Wire Width


Vacuum Seal Time

10 seconds

Working Noise


Continuing Sealing

   ≥50 times

G.W. / N.W.


Machine Size


Package Size


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Selling Points of QH-01 Food Vacuum Sealer

1. One button auto operation      2. Magnet at bottom

3. Continuous vacuum sealing     4. Ultra-low decibel

01 Function Display.jpg

Function Display

                                                    Canister: suitable for jars, bottles (wine), lock the upper and bottom covers firmly,

                                                                     insert the vacuum hose, then press “canister” button.

                                                    Moist Mode: suitable for moist food, continually press moist button when you see

                                                                          the water reaches the sealing line.

                                                    Air Inflation: suitable for fragile foods. Press the button when the bag is filled with

                                                                          air, loosen the fingers, press the seal button immediately.

                                                    Pump: suitable for soft items like bread and pastries. Press “pump” button, when                              

                                                                you see the food inside the bag is vacuumed properly, press “seal” button.

01 Selling Point.jpg

Microcomputer Control: dedicated memory operating system

Automatic Intelligent Operation: one button operation, easy to operate

Manual Operation: stop the operation manually to control the vacuum and seal

Vacuum Motor: it works with low noise and has a long life time

Single Sealing: can also be used in ordinary plastic bags

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01 Operating Instructions.jpg